About Natural & Organic Cleaning

About Organic Natural Cleaning and our services

Organic Natural Cleaning believes in using house cleaning products that are safe for our customers that don't harm the environment we live in. Because of this, we use only organic cleaners that possess the power to clean any household stain or mess.

These cleaners are safer for kids and pets and do not use harsh chemicals that most dangerous house hold products contain. People who use our services feel good about knowing that they are using a house cleaning service that doesn't harm the environment with the cleaners that we use. These two things give us as a company, and our customers, the peace of mind of knowing that we are saving our earth while at the same time providing an un-matched house cleaning service.

Organic Natural Cleaning is dedicated to providing the safest and most effective house cleaning services in the Portland and Vancouver areas. This dedication has allowed House Cleaning Vancouver to safely and effectively clean homes throughout the last 20 years.